Ephesians 1:21

There is no room for pride when following Jesus. He has been faithful in showing me that through His example in the Bible. But as a person that has an extreme amount of pride and that unrighteously wants to still keep it,its easy to postpone the practice of this.
My pride comes from not wanting to appear vulnerable to other people anymore, becuase i was once there and i feel embarrased because of it. I hide the fact that i still have a bitter heart that needs to do a lot of forgiveness. I know, it doesnt sound like a christian is speaking, right?
The point of saying all this is to try to give an explanation of how and why i have a bitter heart. A prideful heart will not submit to others, because it believes it deserves way better. A bitter heart believes its been hurt enough times and therefore no one has the right to ask anything from it. But what stuck out to me was the part of the verse where it says " in the fear of God". Proverbs 14 26 says that In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, and His children will have a place of refuge. He is not asking my prideful heart to submit with its own power; it has none. He says i should do it in the fear of the lord, whre I find confidence and refuge. I dont need to worry about my heart being "hurt enough times", and not being able to take it anymore, becuase i will find refuge and confidence in Him.


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